Newswire Collections

Stories within the Newswire can be put into one or more collections. A collection is specific to your own user account -- they are not available to all Newswire users.

A collection is your own grouping of stories. Oftentimes a user will create a single collection that is used on their own site. Any stories that are put within that collection then get displayed on their site. If a single user maintains multiple sites, they may want to have multiple collections -- a collection that corresponds to each of the sites that they manage.

A helpful clarification is that a collection is only used for selecting stories within the Newswire that you'd like to republish on your own site. A collection does not correspond to a specific campus unit that may be contributing their stories to the Newswire.

When creating a collection, you only need to provide a name and (ideally) the URL of the website that will display the stories within the collection. You can add a new collection or manage existing collections by going to the "My Collections" tab after logging in at

Sharing Collection with Teammates

By default a collection is user-specific; however, it may be useful for members of the same work team to collaborate in the management of a collection.

Additional users can be granted access to a specific collection by going to the "My Collections" tab. Click on the name of the collection to which you'd like to grant access. Then click "Collection Settings" at the top right of the page. You can then specify the user's Unity ID within the "Collaborators" section of the page.

Note that the individual will need to already have a Newswire account before you can add them as a collaborator. A user account is created when an individual first attempts to login to the Newswire with their Unity ID and password.