Basic HTML

HTML is used to structure the content on a webpage. It tells a user's browser what content is a heading, bolded, a bulleted list, etc. Knowing some basic HTML will help with formatting content on pages and within posts.

Bolded Text

To bold text, surround the text that should be bolded with a <strong> tag.

Nominations for the Awards for Excellence should be submitted no later than March 1st.

Bulleted Lists

A bulleted list is a good way to display a series of succinct pieces of information. The overall list is created by using a <ul> tag. Individual bulleted items are nested with the <ul> tag by using <li> tags.

<li>First Bulleted Item</li>
<li>Second Bulleted Item</li>
<li>Third Bulleted Item</li>

More HTML elements will documented prior to the site's September 1 launch date.