NC State Directory Overview

The NC State Directory plugin allows a department, college, or unit to display associated individuals. In most circumstances, an individual can be added to a site's directory by providing their Unity ID within the WordPress Dashboard by going to  Settings -> NC State Directory Settings.

After providing one or more Unity IDs, the directory plugin will create directory entries for those individuals, pull their basic contact information from the campus directory, and created a WordPress user account that is restricted to only allow editing of an individual's own profile.

Individuals can be categorized into one or more subgroups within your site's directory. Each subgroup has an automatically generated page that lists everyone within that group. This can be especially useful for different offices within a unit or research areas/groups within a department.

The directory plugin also provides search and filtering functionality on the site-wide directory page. Additional details about how to configure filtering behavior is detailed on the plugin settings page.

Please address any questions or suggestions to The most frequently asked questions will be added to this documentation within an FAQ page.

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