Email Generator

The NC State Email Generator aims to make it easy to create on brand emails. By using WordPress to generate emails, you can avoid clunky and proprietary built-in editors provided by Bronto and MailChimp.

As email clients change and HTML email standards evolve, UComm developers can adjust the underlying code to ensure your email's recipients see the email as you intended. By using the Email Generator, you will always have the most up-to-date code whenever you send an email.

The Email Generator has a free tier available to all campus communicators. The free tier offers two templates:

A premium tier is also available with additional templates to meet a wide variety of communication needs. In addition to free tier templates, the premium tier also offers:

To begin using the free tier, simply log in to the Email Generator with your Unity ID. If you're interested in the premium tier, contact Luis Chacon.

Tutorial Contents

Composing Your Email

Whether or not you're familiar with WordPress, the Email Generator makes it easy for you to quickly compose an email.

Sending Your Email

The Email Generator will create the HTML of the email you'd like to send, but it still needs a service such as Bronto or Mailchimp to send the message to your recipients. Instructions for how to import from the Email Generator into one of these services are below.

Questions or Feedback?

Questions, feedback, and bug reports can be sent to