NC State Theme

University Communication's main theme for partners is known as the "NC State theme." This highly flexible and customizable platform allows both utility-based and marketing-focused pages to be built through the use of included modules and other built-in tools.

This tutorial is still under active development. Please send any questions and/or suggestions to The legacy PDF documentation may include information that is not yet provided in this tutorial.

Tutorial Contents


A brief introduction to WordPress and University Communication's theme.


Headers display at the top of a webpage beneath the site's main menu. They provide the first page-specific content on a page.

Modules and Body Content

Modules are used to display the body content on a page. One module acts as a full-width row on a webpage. Each module is best-suited for different types of content.

Organizing Content

Clear organization of content will help users quickly and easily find the information that they seek. Clearly structuring on-page information will improve users' experiences and result in website being viewed more favorably.

Menus, Header, and Footer

Most day-to-day work will occur within pages and posts; however, a site's menu, header, and footer occasionally need to be updated. These site-wide settings are usually controlled from pages within the "Appearance" menu of the Dashboard.

Image Management

Imagery is an important part of a website. It should not be an after thought. Careful cropping, sizing, and on-site image management are important.

Quick Reference

The following links may be particularly useful as you begin populating and maintaining a website.