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Spring 2019 Exploring the Ethics of Moral Enhancement
Wearing a jacket and scarf, Veljko Dubljevic looks off into the distance.

The Medicine for

Can a pill make people more moral? NC State philosophy professor Veljko Dubljevic studies moral enhancement, or the idea that pharmaceuticals, brain stimulation and other biomedical interventions can improve morality in humans.

His work has examined the ethical and social ramifications of such technologies, including a 2017 study in which he and colleague Eric Racine found that the practices could do more harm than good.

Dubljevic explores moral enhancement as part of his broader research on the ethics of neuroscience and technology. In addition to leading courses in philosophy, he’s taught seminars in NC State’s M.A. in Liberal Studies and Science, Technology and Society programs.

Pedestrians use a large crosswalk to cross the street.

NC State philosophy professor Veljko Dubljevic discusses moral enhancement and the pros and cons of using biomedical interventions to alter morality.

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