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Spring 2018 Meet Me at the Movies
Movie theater

Meet Me at
the Movies

Let’s get reel. We all love the movies. They entertain us, challenge and change us, confuse, confound and delight us. NC State’s Film Studies Program takes students behind the screen to explore theory, history, criticism and production involved with the cinematic world. We tapped Film Studies Professor Devin Orgeron to create this quiz for all you movie buffs.

A self-avowed film nerd, Orgeron is an expert when it comes to filmmakers like Hitchcock and the Coen Brothers. He’s written the book (literally) on road movies (Road Movies: from Muybridge and Melies to Lynch and Kiarostami). He also collects and shows home movies, and has been instrumental in organizing the Triangle’s annual Home Movie Day for years.

Do you know your movie trivia? Take the quiz!

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