Like the grand stairwell in the chancellor's residence, construction is moving along and winding down.

Moving Along and Winding Down

The chancellor and his family should be thankful that the Carolina summers are reaching triple digits, because if it was a bit cooler out, I might be tempted to start squatting in the new chancellor’s residence during these last few months of construction. What just a few weeks ago was bare-bones drywall and molding is being transformed into a spectacular home.

As those who have built a home know, the construction process  seems to lag as the behind-the-scenes work gets done: wiring and plumbing, permit checks and inspections. But you know the end is near when there is a flurry of movement. Once the floors are installed, the cabinets, countertops, lighting and painting are not far behind.

At the house this morning, dozens of workers were installing cabinets, patching holes, touching up paint, pouring concrete and much more. From here on out, day-to-day progress will be significant with move-in just a couple of months away.

As construction winds down, This Red House will keep you posted with some neat behind-the-scenes looks as the finishing touches are put into NC State’s newest nest.

In the meantime, make sure to check out the photo gallery for a peek into today’s activities.

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