LED lights, donated by Cree, are more energy-efficient than conventional fixtures and will be used throughout the chancellor's residence.

Shine Bright

You may catch NC State’s chancellor planting a garden outside the new chancellor’s residence, but you are not likely to see him climbing up a ladder to change a light bulb in the foyer. Why? Because the state-of-the-art LED (or light-emitting diode) lights being installed throughout the residence are designed to last as long as 50,000 hours – 50 times the life of the typical incandescent bulb and five times the life of the average fluorescent light.

Besides their longevity, LED lights use far less energy than the other two conventional fixtures – another example of how sustainability permeates the home’s design and function.

All the home’s LED lights have been donated by Cree, Inc. – a leader in LED lighting and a company with leadership that emerged from NC State laboratories. A total of 112 LED recessed can lights and 20 surface-mount LED lights are installed throughout the house.

This is all part of a larger initiative that started three years ago when NC State became the first “LED University” in the world by committing with Cree to foster the use of efficient LED lights throughout campus. The first sizable installation was completed a little more than three years ago when LED lights were installed in the chancellor’s office in Holladay Hall. Today, LED lighting can be found in NC State residence halls, parking decks and a host of other locations around campus.

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