NC State's Gregg Museum, currently in the Talley Student Center, will find a new home in the current chancellor's residence.

Museum on the Move

If you see artwork making its way down Hillsborough Street – it’s not “Night at the Museum” come-to-life on campus. As construction on the new chancellor’s residence continues to progress, the conversation has begun regarding how to “repurpose” the existing residence to serve as the new home for NC State’s Gregg Museum.

The Gregg Museum, located in Talley Student Center, features revolving collections of textiles, ceramics, outsider/folk art, photography, architectural drawings, modern furniture and more. Every year, the museum – which is free and open to the public – puts on six to eight exhibitions in its galleries to foster learning and understanding of the cultures of North Carolina and the world.

In the Spring of 2010, during the initial planning for the Talley  renovation, the rearrangement of  a number of programs and projects were considered. But a museum has security, storage, access and climate-control needs  that are really different from other kinds of programs. So during this planning process, it was determined that the Gregg Museum could better serve its purpose if it were not subsumed amid the rest of the activities that go on in Talley, but, like the library, have its own facility. Various potential locations on campus were considered, which were gradually narrowed down to five, and then one – the chancellor’s residence.

The new location will provide better public access, chances to create new programs – like outdoor sculptures, arts festivals, concerts, installations, film screenings, etc.- and an opportunity to create a new cultural landmark for both NC State and local community.

The current chancellor’s residence will need to undergo some transformation before the Gregg Museum can establish its new home. All renovations will be made with private, non-state-appropriated funds.

Fundraising for the Gregg Museum move is currently underway.

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