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Deck The Halls With A Story

The hunt for artwork that tells the story of our state’s largest university didn’t start too differently for the chancellor’s residence’s interior designers than it does for many of us – looking into our past. While we might hang prints that were handed down from parents and grandparents, NC State also had a legacy to consider. Design Lines – the interior design firm tasked with outfitting the new home – chose pieces for the residence by exploring the rich history of NC State in one of the university’s secret gems: Read More >


Moving Along and Winding Down

The chancellor and his family should be thankful that the Carolina summers are reaching triple digits, because if it was a bit cooler out, I might be tempted to start squatting in the new chancellor’s residence during these last few months of construction. What just a few weeks ago was bare-bones drywall and molding is being transformed into a spectacular home. Read More >


The Roots of a Home

While the outside of the new chancellor’s residence doesn’t look all too different, the inside is being transformed week by week. Recently, the drywall has been put up and trim, molding, windows, doors and details are being added. Read More >


New Year, New House

The new year  has brought with it some major changes in the construction of the chancellor’s residence – inside and out. In December, all interior building systems that had to be installed prior to installing insulation and hanging drywall were completed. Read More >


Really Open House

Last week, the first “open house” was held at the chancellor’s residence. No, not that kind of open house. There were no party decorations, fruit punch or homemade cookies (although I did smell some good ol’ North Carolina BBQ cooking somewhere as I was heading out.)

So why hold an open house event before the drywall is up? Read More >

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