Here are few updates about the fall semester and reminders of some of the resources availa

Dear Fall 2021 Instructors of Record –

As this academic year has come to a close, I have thought often about what we have been through as a campus community. Throughout the year I have been listening to many of you and department heads and deans, and I know what an enormous effort you’ve made to keep classes going, engage students and manage your many other responsibilities (both professional and personal) in the midst of pandemic-related stress and anxiety. We are all quite justifiably tired. But I want you to know that I am also equally impressed by what you have accomplished this year. Even when it has been incredibly difficult, you have accomplished great things as teachers, scholars and community members, and I have been moved by your commitment and dedication. 

Entering the summer, I hope you are encouraged by positive pandemic trends and projections. Chancellor Woodson and I remain hopeful that, as vaccination rates continue to rise and our campus rates of COVID continue to remain extremely low, we will be able to have a fall 2021 semester that closely resembles fall 2019, with our community able to gather together in person, and with a large portion of our courses being offered face-to-face. We know that many of you and many of our students are looking forward to being able to interact with each other in classrooms, laboratories, studios and field settings once again. We will continue to follow appropriate community safety standards, including testing and surveillance programs

Please see a few updates below about the fall semester and reminders of some of the resources available to you.

Enhanced S/U grading and Enhanced Late Drop are no longer available. The Enhanced S/U grading option and the Enhanced Late Drop options that have been available in recent pandemic-affected semesters will no longer be available, beginning with the summer 2021 semester.

ClassEval will return to its pre-pandemic format. In spring 2020, in response to the significant changes that were occurring in classroom instruction, I asked that ClassEval, the student course evaluation system, be modified to include only open-ended questions for student feedback. I also provided faculty with guidance on how they could include that feedback in their promotion and/or tenure dossiers. Faculty may continue to use that guidance if they wish to include student feedback received via ClassEval in pandemic-affected semesters (spring, summer and fall 2020 and spring 2021), but beginning in fall 2021, we will return to the prior ClassEval format with a combination of quantitative and open-ended questions. ClassEval results from fall 2021 will appear in the standard ClassEval report that you can create for your RPT dossier or other purposes.

Academic continuity plans are still strongly recommended. Although we do not anticipate major disruptions to our campus operations or to instruction during the fall 2021 semester, preparedness is always recommended. Having an academic continuity plan for your course can help you manage even smaller-scale disruptions that affect you or your students. Please review the academic continuity plans you’ve developed (and implemented successfully!) over the past few semesters, and consider refreshing them for the fall so that you continue to be prepared.

University resources to support instruction are always available. As always, several university offices are available to assist you in your instruction. 

Please check the Protect the Pack website for updates. As we move through the summer and approach the fall, we will keep a close watch on the pandemic and any changes in policy or guidance from the CDC, the State of North Carolina or the UNC System, and we will be adjusting campus practices as appropriate. Any changes will be shared with the campus community via the Protect the Pack website. Please check the site regularly.

Thank you again for all each of you have done to keep our Wolfpack community strong during this difficult yet ultimately successful academic year. I hope you all have a good summer, and I look forward to seeing many of you on campus in the fall.

Warwick Arden
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

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