Instructors teaching in-person classes this semester have a number of options to help mana

Dear faculty colleagues:

As NC State continues to see a low but steady number of COVID-19 infections, I want to remind you that instructors teaching in-person classes this semester have a number of options to help manage disruptions, maintain continuity for their classes and students, and reduce classroom density.

I know that some of you are already experiencing class disruptions, especially those related to student or instructor absences due to illness or required quarantine. I encourage instructors to consider strategies that will maintain active face-to-face instruction but also accommodate these disruptions. This could include using a variety of available options for online instructional support such as Moodle, offering class recordings via Panopto or using Zoom to allow students who are in temporary quarantine to participate in class sessions.

If your course is designated by Registration and Records as a face-to-face course and you are offering virtual options to minimize disruptions, you may allow students to participate remotely by choice, regardless of illness or quarantine status. To reduce the density of the classroom, you can encourage a rotation of the students who attend your face-to-face classes while others are remote. For example, you can ask students to consider attending every other class face-to-face. In any case, it is important that you continue convening all class meetings in person for students who are not in isolation/quarantine and who prefer that mode of engagement with the course.

Many of you have already seen the list of frequently asked questions for instructors that my office developed in consultation with Dr. Julie Casani, director and medical director of Student Health Services, and Dr. Amy Orders, director of Emergency Management and Mission Continuity. The FAQs address multiple issues, including the contact tracing process, managing student isolation/quarantine, and managing your classes if you are required to self-isolate or quarantine. We will keep updating this list throughout the semester.

NC State remains committed to doing all we can to help ensure a positive, engaging and safe on-campus experience for our community. Thank you for your ongoing efforts to support student success this semester.

Warwick Arden
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

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