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December 4, 2020
Poole Leadership Challenge Enables Poole Students to Build Skills, Track and Share Growth with Recruiters
Watch video »
Poole Faculty and Staff Awards and Honors
More Stories
Poole College Alum Brett Adams Gives Back to the Community with HaulMi »
Thought Leadership in Media Hits
Jeffrey Pollack discusses tips on how to stay healthy when starting a business: "5 Tips to Stay Healthy When Starting Your Own Business" (Aug. 27, 2019, Thrive Global) »
Poole’s ERM Initiative discusses the emergence of digital transformation as a concern for business Leaders: "Digital transformation starts with people, not technology" (Aug. 18, 2019, EIN Technology Today) »
College Announcements
Do you need help setting up your Moodle gradebook for your fall course? Let Beth Shepherd, Online MBA Program Manager for the Jenkins MBA program, do the work for you. Set up a 20-minute appointment with Beth on Sept. 4-6. Reserve the appointment »
Congratulations to Sarah Khan, Neal Parker and Kathy Krawcyz for receiving NC State DELTA (Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications) Grants 2019-20 »
Share with us faculty and staff achievements!
We would love to celebrate big and smaller achievements of our faculty and staff. Let Maria Potepalova know if you present at professional conferences, are nominated for an award, assume a leadership position or more! »
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