Update from the Office of Business Services | August 29, 2019

Business Services Update

Weekly update for Poole College of Management from the Office of Business Services

December 4, 2020
Important information for using third party lodging when traveling
See the website »
How do I become a MarketPlace shopper?
MarketPlace access is not automatically granted and must be requested on your behalf by the college. To obtain access to contact pcombusiness@ncsu.edu and request access to become a marketplace shopper. You will be notified once this access is requested. For questions or problems with MarketPlace, please email help@ncsu.edu or call 515-HELP.
When is proof of payment required beyond a receipt?
A paid receipt is required to reimburse an employee or non-employee for university-related business expenses. Often online transactions just provide an order confirmation. To be considered a receipt, the document should confirm it was paid and that the item was shipped. If the documentation does not do this, please provide bank or credit card detail to support the purchase. Please remove non-relevant bank information such as account numbers, balances, limits, other purchases, etc.
Why did OBS deny my transaction?
NC State Health Plan Announces Network for 2020
Please read the State Health Plan Member Alert announcement »
Upcoming Deadlines
9/20 - August PCard Statements Due »
8/28, 5 p.m.: EARLY LOCKOUT Bi-weekly Payroll Deadline for 20202R05 »
Upcoming Events
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