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A Bi-Monthly Newsletter dedicated to both undergrad and graduate students filled with student events, job opportunities, internships, and class offerings from the College of Natural Resources Academic Affairs Office.

June 26, 2022
Tree Cover Helps Gray Foxes Coexist with Coyotes in the Country
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Take Advantage of What's Available in the Libraries!!
Graduate School Offerings
Graduate Writing Certificate »
Workshops and Development Series »
Professional Development | The Graduate School  »
Funding for Graduate Research and Education »
Job Opportunities and Internships for Students
The NC Conservation Network is hiring NCSU students!! »
Seeking Tutors for CNR Undergraduates »
Tutors for Student Athletes »
Register for the NC State University Libraries' Data and Visualization workshops!  »
Center for Biological Diversity Campus Support Intern »
Resources for Well-Being and Mental Health
COVID Vaccine Booster dose available on Campus! »
Mental Health First Aid Training »
NC State Wellness and Recreation »
NC State Pack Essentials »
NC State Student Counseling Center »
7 Cups ~ Free Online Therapist & Counseling »
Additional Student Resources
TRIO SSS Programs Accepting Applications  »
Leadership Development Certificate Registration now open!  »
Office of Undergraduate Research Awards  »
Developing Cultural Competence »
Applied Ecology Courses for Fall 2022 »
Data Science Courses Available to Faculty and Staff »
Dreamville Festival Near Campus May Cause Traffic Impacts »
Upcoming Undergraduate Calendar Dates »
Upcoming Graduate Calendar Dates »
Immersive Experience in Sustainable Living (IPGE295) ~ Summer Course »
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