MailChimp URL Import

MailChimp can import email code from a URL. This functionality allows you to use the Email Generator to compose a message. You can then import your newly composed email into MailChimp using the URL import functionality. MailChimp can then send out your email to its intended recipients.

NOTE: MailChimp's URL import functionality changed. This change causes preview text to not display in users' email clients. UComm recommends following the MailChimp Code Copy and Paste guide.

When using the Email Generator, you compose your email message within the Email Generator rather than MailChimp. You will only use MailChimp to send the email message.

Sending Your Email

  1. Login to your MailChimp account.
  2. Click "Campaigns" in MailChimp's top menu.
  3. Click "Create Campaign."
  4. Give the campaign a name of your choice. Also, select the campaign type. In most circumstances this will be "Regular."
  5. Go through the normal steps of selecting a list and email setup until you get to the "Template" step.
  6. When prompted to select a template, choose "Code your own."
  7. Select "Import from URL."
  8. Within the "Campaign URL" text field, paste the URL/permalink from the Email Generator of your email. You will find this URL in WordPress beneath your email's title. Make sure that your email is published in WordPress, otherwise MailChimp cannot import the email. Publishing an email within the Email Generator will not send your email.
  9. The Email Generator will automatically include a footer, so you can leave the "Automatically add footer" option unchecked.
  10. Click "Next" and then continue to test and send your email as usual.
  11. Note: We recommend sending your email to several internal recipients as a test prior to sending the email to all of your recipients. This will give you one more chance to catch grammatical errors and spot any technical issues that may arise.

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