Card System Instructions

How to Use the Card System

Step 1: Create Content Cards

Each content card represents a piece of media that will be used within the card system. The currently supported card types include: News, Image, Video, Quote, Fact, Social (single Tweet only). More types will be available in future releases.

To create a new content card, navigate to the ‘Add New Content Card’ button within the WordPress dashboard. Titles are not used for display purposes, but should easily distinguish what that card is about.

Step 2: Curate cards into a Content Card Sheet

Card sheets represent a reusable, curated collection of relevant media with ability to be inserted across multiple areas of the site. Cards are arranged into preconfigured rows of card slots, which tries to ensure optimal layout appearance. Each sheet can include as many or as few rows as needed, with several options available to introduce layout variety. As of this release, 5 distinct row layouts are available.

Additionally, some rows may be mirrored in order to sequentially use several of the same row layout type with visual variety. Some cards may also feature options to reverse the order of image and teaser, or omit the image completely.

To create a new content card sheet, navigate to the ‘Insert New Content Card Sheet’ button on the WordPress dashboard. Select a layout to begin with and follow the included instructions to select options for each card’s display.

Step 3: Insert completed sheet into any text module or post content area using the ‘Insert Card Sheet’ button.

Once a card sheet has been created, it may be inserted anywhere a WYSIWYG editor is used – namely within text modules and post content areas. Use the ‘Insert Card Sheet’ button to select from a list of available sheets.

Card System Example

More example pages can be found from the site navigation.