In a time of constrained resources, NC State has taken significant steps to become increasingly efficient while continuing to advance the university's mission and achieve our strategic goals.

Sources of Revenues (Operating and Non-operating)

State appropriations 34%
Research contracts and grants 21%
Tuition and fees 19%
Sales and services 16%
Noncapital grants and gifts 5%
Federal appropriations 1%
Other 4%

Breakdown of Expenses (Operating and Nonoperating)

Instruction 30%
Research 18%
Institutional/facilities support 13%
Auxiliary enterprises 12%
Public service 9%
Academic/student support 8%
Depreciation 6%
Student financial aid 4%

$1.4B in Operating Revenues

NC State is a great investment for North Carolina. We're working hard to keep it that way.

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