Gulf Coast

Many years after Hurricane Katrina, NC State continues to work alongside those impacted by the storm. CSLEPS made a commitment to be engaged in the Gulf Coast recovery until the need for affordable housing was met. So we have partnered with Bayou Area Habitat for Humanity to provide decent, affordable housing in partnership with families in need in Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes.

Final Thoughts


As our ASB trip comes to a close, the group reflected on the following question: Describe a realization from an experience this week that has changed your perspective. “Through conversation & observation with the people of New Orleans, I have gained the realization that no matter the hardship, there is always cause to celebrate. Through

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Caulking, Cement and Ice Cream


Today was our last full work day and I can honestly say that I’m gonna miss this place. This morning as we drove to the work site, I felt for the first time that New Orleans is now my home. I don’t have this feeling too often, but this city had such a impact on

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Challenges and Success


Day three on the worksite brought more challenges and success for the group.  Today, the ground crew worked on finding the property lines for the new fence and digging holes.  With the help of the Boston crew, we dug numerous holes, poured concrete, set the poles and even found a friendly lizard named Larry. According

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Learning to Work Together


When we arrived on the worksite after this morning after two amazing days in New Orleans, we had a bit of a surprise.  Around 35 more college students joined us at this one Habitat house.  Needless to say, we were slightly concerned about having that many people on a work site and the first couple

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Reflecting on Tour of the Lower Ninth Ward


“Life experienced through a windshield is one step away from watching it on TV, but even a bicycle tour can become just a series of sights.” - Ninth Ward Rebirth Bike Tours Our team had the opportunity to tour the Lower Ninth Ward on a bicycle.  Through the tour, we got the opportunity to  see the

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“Best Monday of My Life”


For our days off we went on a swamp tour, the French Quarter, and a bike tour of the 9th Ward. The swamp tour was a lot of fun. It was really cool to see the more rural side of New Orleans. You could be out in the middle of the woods, then 30 min

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Day 1: Accomplishments


Such an incredible first day! It was not what I expected at all, but was so much better! The team was split up into two groups: ground and roof. The house had all walls put up and the frame for the roof assembled, so putting up the rest of the roof was the top priority.

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Day 1: Work Site Pics


It’s day one at our Habitat for Humanity worksite on 4707 Flash Ave.  The day started out with sunshine but we then experienced unusual New Orleans weather where it became chilly and windy with sprinkles of rain throughout the day.  The team powered through the dreary weather and made a lot of progress.    

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Thoughts from new places….New Orleans


The ASB Gulf Coast team has safely landed in New Orleans!  After an early 3:30 am start, rough turbulents on our first flight, a short layover, and a beautiful second flight (which most of our team members slept through), we are finally here! Most of our day has revolved around food.  From breakfast at Cinnabon

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2011 ASB Gulf Coast Team

2011 ASB Gulf Coast All-Star Team (cont…)


Our team of all stars had an uneventful trip—just the way we like them—home to Raleigh-Durham on Sunday.

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