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Education Reform: Racing to the Top

Thursday, August 26th, 2010 | Tags: , , ,

Education reform in North Carolina received a boost from the federal government this week, thanks to a partnership between the state and North Carolina State University. The U.S. Department of Education’s Race to the Top program will provide $400 million in funding for innovative initiatives that address specific state needs in four areas of education

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Game On! Getting Serious with Serious Gaming

Monday, June 21st, 2010 | Tags: , ,

Everyone knows that little Johnny loves going home after school and getting to spend some time playing video games. But what if Johnny could get his game on at school? And what if the game’s content actually furthers his education? That idea is what researchers, tech-savvy parents, teachers and video game developers around the world

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Dude, Where’s My Starbucks?

Thursday, April 29th, 2010 | Tags: ,

What is important to you when looking into a new job? Benefits? Salary? Vacation? Location? You might be surprised to learn that like Realtors, the mantra “location, location, location” also rings true for teachers and administrators … especially when it comes to deciding whether to take a job in a rural school. Often times, the

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"Mom, watching music videos is my homework!"

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 | Tags: , ,

Let’s face it: This generation of students absorbs information different than past generations. They are fed a constant stream of information – outside the classroom – through sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. So, is there any wonder they have a hard time being engaged in a static classroom? Teachers and school administrators understand that

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Note to Teachers: Stay in School

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 | Tags: ,

Retaining beginning teachers is a continuing problem in the United States – and around the world. Approximately one-third of all new teachers leave the profession within their first three years of teaching, increasing to nearly 50 percent after the first five years. Scary figures considering the importance great teachers make in the lives of our

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