Remote Lab Allows ‘Hands-On’ Testing of Antennas from Thousands of Miles Away


Imagine a lab that gives scientists the opportunity to do “hands-on” testing from thousands of miles away. Researchers at NC State have created a remotely-controlled testing facility that allows students, professors and private companies from around the world to test prototype antennas for wireless devices. The lab was created to provide a teaching and R&D

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This schematic diagram of a small power system network highlights the complexity of the grid. Image credit: Aranya Chakrabortty.

Researchers Test Distributed Computing As Defense against Cyberattacks on Power Grids


Imagine a cyberattack that does serious damage to the U.S. power grid. The results wouldn’t be pretty. The power grid is complicated, divided up into sections that cover everything from a single municipal area (like New York City) to large regions (like the entire state of California). But each of those sections is controlled by

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Dogs, Technology and the Future of Disaster Response


Imagine a team of humans, dogs, robots and drones swooping onto the scene in the aftermath of a disaster and working together to find and rescue anyone trapped in collapsed buildings. That’s the goal of a team of researchers from around the United States working on what they call the Smart Emergency Response System (SERS).

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Howling Robots: One Student’s Path from the Classroom to the Theme Park


Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Tim Peeler, who writes for NC State University Communications. Now that she’s the co-creator of a robotic wolf, Michelle Phillips’ career path into the field of animatronics seems obvious. But that wasn’t always the case. Phillips had only been at NC State for a couple of semesters

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Why Captain America’s Shield Is Basically a Star-Spangled Supercapacitor


Captain America’s shield is famous for absorbing tremendous amounts of kinetic energy, from an artillery shell to a punch from the Hulk – keeping Cap not only safe, but on his feet.  What’s going on here? It’s tough to explain how the shield works, in part because it behaves differently under different circumstances. Sometimes the

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